EK Interview: Vincent Karelsz of Popjugend

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Popjugend is the bombness!  We were able to interview Vincent Karelsz to hear about it!  Read his interview:

Please give a short introduction to yourself/company or what you do.

My name is Vincent Karelsz from Amsterdam. I am a project manager at Shop Around, which is a creative agency based in Amsterdam and holds offices in Rotterdam and NYC. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for creative jobs. We represent an international group of illustrators, animators, (graphic) designers, directors, you name it. We select a team of people from our roster to work on jobs and get things done.

We also run an art label called Popjugend, under that name we do exhibitions for our creatives. This summer we did an exhibition called Toys in Babeland in the red light district of Amsterdam in a squatted gay sauna. I still run into people every day who talk about that one! This month we’re hitting Blooom with a totally new exhibition.

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What are you contributing to Blooom this year?

We are doing an exhibition called Popjugend shows character. The idea is that we’re going to turn all kinds of objects into characters. Live and on the spot. People can bring anything from their toaster to their old TV to our stand and pick up a great character afterwards.

We’re also showing pre-made work done by our artists. Like this stool turned into a clownface by Lennard Schuurmans.

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How is Blooom different from other events?

For me, it’s the first time to bring a Popjugend exhibition outside of the galleries and into an Art Fair. So the main difference for us is the size of the event and the fact that other cool galleries are present as well. We all hope to see some inspiring stuff.

What excites you currently about this year’s event?

I’m just looking forward to meeting a lot of cool people. I’m also excited to see what our illustrators are going to bring to the table.

Why is it important to participate in the event?

We see a lot of jobs coming in from outside of the Netherlands. So, instead of doing just commercial stuff abroad, we thought it would great to show some of our free works as well. We want to show who we are and what we stand for at such a big international event. I think it’s also a good opportunity to meet some of the other galleries who do cool stuff and meet up with them.

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What do you hope to get out of it?

We want to leave an impression of who we are by doing some creative stuff. We hope a lot of people will leave with a cool character. We don’t really we know if it will lead to something commercially, but that’s not the point.

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Anything you’d like to plug?

Whenever you guys are in Amsterdam, drop by for a cup of coffee and some Dutch gezelligheid. If people want to show their work, please contact us through our website. www.shop-around.nl

art blog - Popjugend - Empty Kingdom