EK Interview: Anton Marrast

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Anton Marrast, featured in 2010, hails from Moscow, Russia.  He is an awesome artist, his interview follows.

What’s your home town called?  What was it like?  Where was your favorite childhood place?

My hometown is Moscow. I grew up in this city, in the district called Phily. There’s a large park near the house I lived in. I loved to spend my time in this park with my grandmother, playing, walking around smashing puffballs.


How long have you been an illustrator?  What attracted you to that specific media? Have you experimented with others?

If I need to explain to people in a few words who I am, telling that I’m an illustrator is the easiest way for me.  So I’ve became an illustrator since someone asked me: “Who are you?”  Something like that! I’m also a graphic designer, but it’s boring. Nothing special.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom

Where do you find inspiration for your work?  Do you have any specific sources that you can fall back on in times of need?

Yes. I have one. The greatest source of inspiration in my life is my wife Maria Michelle.

How long do you think it will be until we have flying cars?

I hope we will before the end of the world, ha-ha! But since the 2012 thing, that’s quite a pessimistic perspective, though.


Are your illustrations of boats/the harbor/sea from a particular place?  If so, where?

I’m always trying to use my own photos for any artwork or illustration, so in this case, all the places are real. I use photos I take while traveling. Flying cars, and flying Queen Elizabeth 2 are based on few photos of Adriatic coast, Montenegro. “I could not imagine”, “passing by” are based on photos of Moscow.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom

What’s the story behind “Passed By”?  What has just passed by?

A giant creature. We can see it’s tail. It’s a fictional creature. Something between the dragon and dolphin. It also appears in ‘I’ve seen the queen” over the mountains. “The queen” is the biggest of all these creatures.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom

What were you feeling emotionally for “Long Trip to Nowhere”?  What emotions/ideas do you hope to convey through the painting?

I didn’t realize why I named this piece like that when I created it. But now I can say, that it illustrates about 2-3 years of my life, when I was kinda lost. Lost but didn’t realized this.

In “Sister” what do you wish to convey with the size ratio of the human to the buildings?  Tell us about the composition and what it means to you.

In sister it’s all about claustrophobia. When my sister was 3 years old, she often tried to get in between the wall and piano although that was impossible, there’s no space for a child, nor for a cat, even.  I love to work in free composition, most of all. So, the composition means a lot for me.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom

What’s your process from beginning to end?

It’s hard to explain. First I have an idea. Then I start to work on it and find another idea that is better than the first one. Then, I’m working it out from a general idea to the details.


How has your work changed since you first began?  In what ways are you currently challenging yourself?

It’s changed a lot and it didn’t at the same time. When I was 15 I was affected by Lara Croft and trying to create my own super 3D girl. That was awful, ha-ha! Now I have real wife I love and she’s in every piece I create. Concerning any challenges, I want to create more pieces the analog way, I love working with paper. Digital art is great, but it’s nothing compared with good traditional media.
What advice would you give to artists seeking to better themselves?  How can push the limits of their ability?

As Yoda says: “Do, or do not. There is no try.” You may think “hey, this guy’s stuff is a piece of nothing. I can do better things than this” but he has already done, and you haven’t.  Now go do things better.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom

What are you currently working on?  What will you be working on in the next year?  Two years?

I have a few personal projects, which I don’t want announce due to superstition. What else…who knows?


Would you rather be a super-villain or a super-hero?  And what would your powers be?

Well, if I could be something like this, I would be some kind of Hancock, huh. Maybe not so drunk, and a bit more tidy, but not a national hero, for sure. I don’t want something special. Flying or teleportation aptitude would be really great, huh.

art blog - Anton Marrast - Empty Kingdom