EK Interview: Jack Crossing

Jack Crossing - art blog - Empty Kingdom

Featured in February, Jack Crossing was interviewed by our own Konahrtist.  When he came of age, Jack Crossing was inducted into the Band of People Who Have Such Awesome Names They Have No Other Choice Than To Fight Crime, also known as the BPWHSANTHNCOTTFC, and ever since he has been swiftly kicking evil’s ass.  He also does art.  And interviews:

Can you please introduce yourself? How did you develop the artist as you are now?

My name is Jack Crossing and I’m a 24 year old graphic designer / image maker from England. I think I’m at the stage where I am because of all the people around me, past and present. I try to get involved with all kinds of creative ventures and learn new things, I’ve had some brilliant tutors over the past 10 years who have taught me so much, and also colleagues, it’s so important to work with the right people.

Jack Crossing - art blog - Empty Kingdom

Have you done much traveling? Do you have any favorite cities? What are the best and worst aspects of living in London?

I haven’t had a chance to do too much traveling, I missed out on the gap year part of my life so I’ve decided to travel once I retire, whenever that might be! I worked in New York for a bit in 2009 with Empire Design, that was a great experience, being in a new city is a lot of fun. I also traveled from los Angeles to Las Vegas when I was at university, that was an amazing experience, San Francisco was the best part of the trip, so much art and culture all in one place, plus the food was amazing! I think London is great, I’m living just outside of London at the moment, so I can get away from the pollution on weekends, which is nice.

You often use triangles or pyramids in your work. Is there an explicable reason you use them, or is it just something you like?

I think the whole triangle trend was great, it was what people would use when ideas weren’t quite there, “stuck for ideas? Just chuck a triangle on there”. I remember when I was younger my dad told me that the shandy bass logo was the first ever registered logo, and that was a red triangle! Fashion goes in circles, I’m sure people will go back to triangles!

Jack Crossing - art blog - Empty Kingdom

There’s a lot of versatility in your work. Is there a different mindset when doing typography versus design? 

Typography and design go hand in hand, so getting them to work together is key, a bad bit of typography can ruin a potentially great design, and vice versa. I remember at university I used to build typefaces every week, some you just wouldn’t be able to read but were really fun to make and I think that’s important with everything, just have fun.

A lot of attention has been paid to 6th Avenue. What was the inspiration behind the series?

6th avenue was a concept I presented to a band in Atlanta, they didn’t like it so I just put it up on my flickr account. I remember a couple of days after putting it up online I checked the view count on my flickr and it said 80,000 people had viewed it in one day, I thought something was up and then got emails from friends saying they’d seen in all over the Internet, so I wasn’t a waste of time in the end.

The concept behind it was rising above your surroundings and not caring what anyone else thought.

Jack Crossing - art blog - Empty Kingdom

Who would be your dream client?

That’s a tough one, I’d probably say a band like Battles, I love their music!

What are your favorite movies, books, albums? Favorite art/design publications?

Favorite Movie: Inception, everything about that film is great! The music, the clothing, the story! I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot on my way to work, gets me ready for the day. Also a great film I saw recently was Drive, and again, the soundtrack is as good as the film!

Book: The Rum Diary was a good read. Hoping the new film will do it justice.

Album: at the moment it’s Nero – Welcome Reality. But my brother (Noir) is about to release his new ep so I’d probably say that. I do a lot of work for my brother and he will be well known soon and then I can say I did his album cover!

Any upcoming projects you want to plug?

I will be auctioning off an A0 version of 6th avenue in the near future, all for charity, I’m only having two printed, one for my dad and one for auction. And also I’ve been doing some work for dj letranger, so that should be out soon.

Jack Crossing - art blog - Empty Kingdom