It Gets Better

Eli Guerron‘s It Gets Better proves that visual design isn’t just another word for eye-candy. His simply constructed and poetically powerful imagery really speaks for itself. It really made my day. Also, you can never go wrong with Debussy’s Claire de Lune. Read more details about Guerron’s passion project as follows:

“First off, I would like to thank you for watching this short film, entitled “It Gets Better.”

This film is a visual poem, one that focuses on the hard times every single one of us has gone through in the process of discovering who we want to be, dry patches in the journey of finding out who it is we really are…

Isolation. Desolation. Courage. Endurance. And in the final moment, grasp of self-realization, represented in simple elements of visual design.

I have been working on this short for months, and one of the nicest moments I’ve experienced was on 10/12/10, when I listened to Joel Burns give a speech encouraging those who suffer dire situations to remember one thing- “it gets better”.

Listening to Joel, I realize that this film might not change the situation. It might not end suffering or change the mentality of the perpetrators, but what it CAN do is help the perpetrated to become stronger, arming them with a positive attitude and a resonant hope for the future.

I would like to thank Joel Burns for his inspiration, and to all our silent collaborators.

Please feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in screenings, or if you would like to get a higher version of this file for your own postings or sharing on your websites.

Remember to thank those who are still fighting, still strong, still walking that beautiful journey and discovering themselves… As I leave, all I can say is, “It gets better”…

In the memory of those who are no longer at our sides, fighting for us… in our hearts.

“…it gets better…”

Now this is a baby of mine… I really put a lot of love, care and attention to this project because it was inspired by so many beautiful people… This project was originated as a visual poem that responded to to all the tragic news I kept hearing about gay and lesbian teenagers committing suicide due to bullying.

I have to share that through my life, I have received so much help from so many beautiful people and a great number of those beautiful hearts that helped me were gay people so I wanted to create a poem about being different and the struggle of being different in today’s world.

A great push through the design process was that great speech that Joel Burns Gave on December 12, 2010 telling the young ones or any other soul going through a hard time that It gets better… to hold onto their lives and to reach all the way trough and wait for the beautiful life that later awaits…

This inspired me to keep the graphical Nature of the piece to the most simplistic level, calling for the viewers interpretation and begging for the audience to fill in the gaps with their own story… I made the objects translucent because of the natural quality of skin… and made sure that the music and the visuals really tied into the story I wanted to tell… Benjamin Zanders also gave a great speech about what a great connection we can ALL have with classical music…

All these Events led to the shaping of this visual essay, I tried to keep the cinematic quality on it as much as I could to stay away from the computer generated world…..more info to come…

for now I just wanna spread the message…

Thank you for your time…”

Check out the full ~2 minute stream down at the bottom of the page.

It Gets Better, 2012
Eli Guerron