It’s Such a Beautiful Day

It’s Such a Beautiful Day closes Don Hertzfeldt‘s animated trilogy about a man named Bill, and his self-contemplative battles with a debilitating mental illness and the accompanying struggles of his daily life. The three-part (now a mashed together feature length film) story consists of EVERYTHING WILL BE OK, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, and the aforementioned title of this post.

To me, Hertzfeldt is a very important animator / filmmaker. His ability to wring out abstract layers of humor and meaningful insight from just a handful of stick figures, all whilst sticking to traditional analog animation techniques makes him a bonafide keeper in my book. And even today he continues to extend his meticulous craft to a higher level of insanity, as can be seen through his works like BILLY’S BALLOON, REJECTED, THE MEANING OF LIFE, and WISDOM TEETH.

You can watch the short teaser for the DVD trilogy release down at the bottom of this page.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day, 2011

Don Hertzfeldt