J’aurai Ta Peau

Getting philosophical with the nature of skin in J’aurai Ta Peau, a short documented, directed, and partially animated by the JTP Team (consisting of Victoria Jardine, Vivien Ebran, Alexis Koch, and Nicolas Trotignon). With very cool sound design work done by Benoit Duvette.

This collaborative project was a graduation film submitted to Supinfocom back in 2011. A very impressive work with attention to detail, as flesh is transformed into large screen-engulfing landscapes.

Full stream of J’aurai Ta Peau embedded down below for your viewing pleasure. Careful, some full frontal scenes as well (NSFW).

J’aurai Ta Peau, 2011
JTP Team

Victoria Jardine
Vivien Ebran
Alexis Koch
Nicolas Trotignon
Benoit Duvette