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Albeit it’s been nearly two weeks into the New Year, that’s no reason to continue to bring in 2016 EK-style with works by Kenta Torii, an artist originally hailing from Hiroshima, Japan. [INSERT GONG SOUND EFFECT]

Kenta Torii_web4

Kenta Torii_web1

Kenta Torii_web3

Kenta Torii_web5

Kenta Torii_web6

Kenta Torii_web7

Kenta Torii_web9

Kenta Torii_web10

Kenta Torii_web11

Kenta Torii_web12

Kenta Torii_web13

Kenta Torii_web8

Kenta Torii_web14

Kenta Torii_web15

Kenta Torii_web16

Kenta Torii_web17

Kenta Torii_web18

Kenta Torii_web19

Kenta Torii_web20

Kenta Torii_web21

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