Let the Bullets Fly // 让子弹飞

From director Jiang Wen, comes Let the Bullets Fly // 让子弹飞 a rock-and-roll western set in the warring period of a 1920s China. As a scheme to get-rich-quick is applied without the knowledge of it’s original entrepreneur, a bloody battle of wit and grit is ignited. Chow Yun-Fat, Ge You, and Jiang Wen star.

Official synopsis can be read as follows:

“1920’s China is a lawless land. Corrupt government officials buy and sell their positions, while marauding gangs of bandits roam the countryside. One of the most feared is the Mah-jongg Gang, led by the infamous and hyper-intelligent Pocky Zhang (Jiang Wen, In The Heat of the Sun).

Zhang and his gang execute a routine train robbery, but find the train doesn’t contain any silver, just a petty con artist, Tang (Ge You). Tang is on his way to Goose Town, where he’s bought himself a position as governor- which he plans to use to bilk as much as he can from the citizens as he can before moving on to the next town. Desperate to survive, Tang convinces Zhang that if he will spare him, Zhang can assume the position of Governor instead… and with Tang as his counselor, he can make more money in a month than a he could in a year’s worth of train robberies. Zhang, intrigued and looking for a break from the road, accepts.

They arrive at Goose Town, but find that the entire town is already firmly under the iron rule of the wealthy Master Huang (Chow Yun Fat, The Killer, Hard Boiled), whose charming exterior conceals a ruthless, conniving crime lord. Huang and Zhang immediately sense the threat the other poses, and begin an escalating series of hyper-violent (and often hilarious) mind-games, while the devious Tang tries to play both sides.

The stakes quickly rise to ludicrous proportions in masterfully vicious action-comedy filled with Machiavellian double- and triple-crosses, razor-sharp wordplay, and hundreds of thousands of bullets. The rare international comedy that translates perfectly, China’s highest-grossing domestic film of all time will have you laughing and cringing, often at the same time.”

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Let the Bullets Fly // 让子弹飞

Jiang Wen