LIAISON Amsterdam Show // APRIL 2-10

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It’s no secret that we, here, at EMPTY KINGDOM are huge fans of worldly art. That’s why we’re unabashedly excited to spotlight the upcoming LIAISON Amsterdam Show (April 2-10, 2011), which is packed with artists that EMPTY KINGDOM endorses (and have featured previously on our site)!

The LIAISON exhibition is a collaboration with four other galleries to showcase classical and modern art side to side. Each of the four galleries are presenting a crossover between classical and contemporary figurative art, surrealism, realism, and related movements. Traditional techniques are exhibited alongside digital art in the industrial Loods 6 building in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

The LIAISON exhibition will first be launched in Amsterdam, and will then travel to Antwerp and Miami, presented sometimes in new formations, but always with the same objective.

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(Buddy Nestor, Cabinodd)

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(Kirsten Wilmink, Cabinodd)

The artist that are expected to present new works for the LIAISON Amsterdam Show with their respective galleries:

Saturno Buttò, Mateo Dineen, Cédric Laquieze, Johan Potma, Mr. Sauli, Kirsten Wilmink, Kwon Kyung Yup, Buddy Nestor and Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter

Salome Art Venture:
Michael Parkes, Joran van der Haar, Frank C. Hauser, Menunana, Caroline Westerhout, Wendy Farrow, Slavko Krunic

Gallery Bonnard:
Ton Dubbeldam, Kay Yoshiya, Walter Brems, Elzo Dibbets, Jo Joosten, Philip de Rooij, Wim van Rompuy, Dolf Geudens, Christien Dutoit

ArtHebda Consulting:
Stani-Jan Borowski, Michael Behrens, Gerd Kruft, Przemyslaw Lasak, Hans-Peter Mader, Wlad Safronow, Eirini Tsantekidou, Ekaterina Moré, Uladzimir Bludnik, Jaczek Hazuka.

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(Christien Dutoit, Galerie Bonnard)

art blog - Galerie Bonnard - Dolf Geudens - empty kingdom
(Dolf Geudens, Galerie Bonnard)

Saturday 2 April 2011 from 11 AM – 6 PM in the presence of gallery owners and artists

Loods 6 Bagagehal
KNSM laan 289
1019 LB Amsterdam

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 1 – 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM

€ 5 – (FREE for the opening on April 2, 2011)

art blog - Salome Art Venture - Caroline Westerhout - empty kingdom
(Caroline Westerhout, Salome Art Venture)

art blog - Salome Art Venture - Frank C. Hauser - empty kingdom
(Frank C. Hauser, Salome Art Venture)

Redactiestraat 15 | 1321 NL Almere | The Netherlands | +31 (0)36-5368875 |
Contact: Ella Buzo | +31 (0)6-45762571 or Marcel Salome | +31 (0)6-41019196

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(Stani-Jan Borowski, ArtHebda Consulting)

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(Prof. Lasak, ArtHebda Consulting)