Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae’s extensive and yet extremely impressive works is based on the world of fashion, technology and art direction. The body architect invents and builds structures that re-shapes the human silhouette. Get ready to feast your eyes on a lush range of photography and fascinating moving visuals.

Peristaltic Skin Machine
Lucy McRae and Mike Pelletier work together for the first time on a machine that redefines the bodys surface. The Peristaltic Skin Machine is an experimentation on the body with liquid, air, speed and color.

Rojo Nova
July 2010 Artists from across the globe have been invited to make new work in ROJO NOVA’s live event in Sao Paulo.

Black Material Music Video
A mini music video for a forthcoming book and DVD release entitled Black material. The video is inspired by the work of NYC artist Robert Knoke. The video was a collaboration with digital luxury brand Champagne Valentine.

Ray Vs Possum ‘Fat Monk’ Music Video
Lucy makes her directorial debut with this kaleidoscopic music video for Australian synth-pop outfit Rat vs Possum, a project that entailed working alongside twenty of Melbourne’s RMIT University top design students.