Varun Nair‘s Meltdown is a search and destroy game created (in the phase of being a prototype) for the iPhone. What makes this one so special? Nair applies the programming engine of Max/MSP in order to combine a binaural sound space (360 degree hearing on stereo headphones) and GPS coordinates to construct the level around you. Crazy, check. Awesome, check. Read more details as follows:

“A wormhole is detected.

Nothing is seen. Disturbances are felt. Things can be heard.

You hear creeptures amongst a swarm of sounds.

Find and kill all seven of them. You have ten minutes. You have your ears.

MELTDOWN is a location based binaural sound game that was developed as a prototype to explore the use of location based technologies and their influence on sound.

The game: a sonic rift and wormhole has been detected at a park and the effects cannot be seen but felt. If the creeptures aren’t killed, the infected area will become a sonic dead zone. You have the technology to listen to them amongst the sounds they have trapped in space. Eliminate them and return the area to normalcy.

The search and destroy concept of the game is not new. What makes it interesting is that the player interacts directly with the environment (within a fixed area). There is no screen. There is no typical game controller. Armed with just an iPhone (which is a weapon and scanner) and their ears, they must walk and think like a hunter. On encountering a creepture they must binaurally locate it, bring it closer to them (using a gesture) and kill it by stabbing the iPhone in the correct direction. The game is immersive not only because it is binaural but also because it includes sounds from the environment. For example, the player might hear the swing moving (properly localised with the correct distance and angle calculations) but won’t see it moving. They might hear someone running across or a dog barking without seeing any of it while they interact with the environment and react to it with their body and minds.”

Check out all the media embedded down below! Don’t forget to wear headphones for the binaural sound!

Meltdown gameplay demo.

Creepture sound clip.

Trapped sounds amidst the level.

Ambience bed for player movement.

Meltdown, 2012
Varun Nair