One of our top 100 artists of 2010, Kim Cogan (featured previously March 2011, January 2011, and January 2010) has been busy preparing for a new solo exhibition at Gallery Henoch in New York, NY. This show picks up where his last show left off, further expanding on his subject, and developing technique.

Kim Cogan paints city scenes that explore the relationship between interior and exterior spaces, between structured and natural forms, between individuals and their connection to the surroundings.

Cogan’s paintings transform our way of seeing. In his luminous cityscapes and in the temperament of his interiors, he balances the representational with the abstract. Cogan uses subtle gradations of color and sharp contrast of detail to guide the eye around various shapes and composition. The brushstrokes are left fresh, describing rather than defining. “Paint is tactile, and it should remind the viewer that they are looking at a painting,” Cogan says. “There’s an obvious trace of the artist’s hand.”

In his new body of work, Cogan explores the idea of place as a source of meaning. The figures in the environments suggest a narrative, but the viewer is allowed to fill in the story. Cogan’s environments go beyond mere context because, like a portrait, they describe a character, a history, and a purpose.

The exhibition opens September 22nd, 2011, for now here are is a glimpse into his studio. Also, look forward to a more in depth interview and more pictures right here on EK. Follow him at www.kimcogan.com, blog, twitter, or facebook.

September 22nd – October 15th, 2011

Gallery Henoch
555 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001