Noko Jeans. Made in North Korea. Video.

Info from “Working with a North Korean company – working with North Korea – raises many questions. This is a good thing; it should. One of the most common questions we receive is the moral aspect of working with a such a country; can you justify it, or is it exploitation? We’ve worked, on our spare time, with Noko Jeans for 2,5 years to produce the 1100 jeans and not a single day has gone by that we haven’t asked ourselves the same question. And there is no easy answer.

We decided to move forward with this project based on one belief and one demand. The belief being that any outside contact, and influences, such an isolated nation gets, can only be of good. And the demand being to be physically present during the production of our 1100 jeans. That way, we can both influence and control atleast this “micro context” this project is. And also make sure that our production is being made under humane conditions. We think it’s better to do something, even as small as this, than nothing at all.

If we had sent our Code of Conduct together with just an order, we would have had no way to guarantee it. Now, as we’ve been present during the production, we to a big extent can. The factory we worked with had never heard of a “Code of Conduct” before we visited them, so, in some extent, we know that we have influenced (at least some) people’s mindset in a positive way. And our belief is shared by many who works or have worked with North Korea, be it diplomats, NGO’s or regular people like us.

And one more thing: the people. To learn and realize that there are people living in North Korea, and even befriend some of them, has been overwhelming, and is the true core of the story we tell. Beyond every mass-game are people, living and breathing and not that different from us, or you.

Lastly, our biggest and best “tool” has been to never stop questioning what we do – and who we do it with.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions, info@ We have received many great questions and will publish them with our answers here, as soon as we find some time.

Thank YOU. We promise to answer every question.”