Nothing Special

Not only does writer / director Helena Brooks know how to conduct humor in her work, she can also do it while telling a very good story. Her latest efforts in the short Nothing Special, is another contributor to her aforementioned talent.

A short that makes me laugh on so many different levels is always a welcome treat. Check out more details about the story, as well as the short’s impressive festival wins and nominations:

“Billy becomes the reluctant subject of worship when his delusional mother decides he is Jesus reincarnate.

Palme d’Or Nominated; Cannes Film Festival.
Best Short Film; Cinéma des Antipodes.
Official Selection; Stockholm Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, Chicago International Film Festival, NZ International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Prague Film Festival, St Tropez Film Festival, La Casa Encendida, Clermont-Ferrand Festival, Just For Laughs Festival Canada.
Sold for Broadcast to: Canal Plus International, Rialto & SBS.”

Nothing Special can be streamed down at the bottom of this page. A well spent ~11 minutes. Enjoy!

Nothing Special, 2012

Helena Brooks