Pato Pooh ft Adam Tensta /// FOLLOW ME

Since it’s Friday and all, I had to put this up for all of the folks who remember a time before the internet connected us all, before cell phones became smart, and instead when cell phones were huge bricks with a super long antennas, before everyone used pagers, and we had to actually blow into the video game cartridges to make them work.

This music video definitely gave me a direct nostalgic high of my childhood in the 80’s and early 90’s, like a shot of heroin in between my toes with a rusty used needle…just puts a smile on my face.

Pato Pooh ft Adam Tensta – Follow me
Produced by: Jeff “Gameboii” Roman
Label: DehDinPoik Entertainment

Director: Maceo Frost
Assistant Directors: Ali Alzamli & David Paullo
Graphics / Artwork: Maceo Frost & Ali Alzamli
Artwork Contributions: Alec Laine & Maciej Kuczyński
Post Production / Animation: Maceo Frost
Concept: Maceo Frost & Simon Saneback
Mixed & Recorded by: Carlos Cae D´Tourniel
Mastered by Masse Beats in Redline Studios