RERUNNER – “Last Day”

Exclusive track and video from Rerunner. We caught up with Rerunner last week having a couple of beers out here in the NYC. I asked what they’re working on, they sent me this little gem. Make sure to blast your speakers and take a hit of your favorite hallucinogen.

If you guys were like WTF!?, that’s Logans Run, than you win the titty prize. I asked why they chose this epic flick to remix and I got this answer:

In our original mix notes for this track Stian wrote:
“good tennis music
starts with the threat, the serve,
and the ensuing back and forth match
points are scored on both sides equally
pressure mounts
the final serve comes and…
a winner is declared and the whole arena fills with water and is over taken by sea life”

This obviously led us to Logan, the dystopian space hero and a particular battle between him and a robotic ice man-monster. Logan’s the only runner who could keep up with the pace of this track and we wanted to keep that pace for the video…