Rithika Merchant

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“My works are an exploration of epics and myths across geography. I create mosaics of myths that question received histories that are available to us throughout culture. Derived from an attempt at self discovery and aimed towards solving contemporary strife created by a conflict of civilizations. this conflict is negated by locating a mythical strain of unanimity.” –Rithika Merchant

Statement continued
“I am keen to explore the common thread that runs through different cultures and religions. Similar versions of all these myths, stories and ideas are shared by cultures all around the world. My paintings explore this concept while also featuring creatures and symbolism that are part of my personal visual vocabulary.

I am interested in the patterns made by the placement or overlaying of shapes together and the way the individual pieces fit together to form a picture -much like putting a puzzle together. My paintings explore superstition, myth and ritual as well as depict scenes from my own internal, personal folklore. They are filled with creatures from my imagination, who come together to represent my beliefs and ideology.

Along with this, an inherent feminism exists in my decoration undermining the minimalism of modernity that views a woman just as a muse.”
-Rithika Merchant

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