Ross Sawyers

Ross Sawyers is a minimalistic photographer based in Washington.

“I am greatly influenced by the increasing density of the new neighborhoods and housing
developments that make up my surroundings. The combination of living in increasingly
smaller spaces and in closer proximity to others creates tension that I am interested in
exploring through exaggerating the architecture common to the buildings and structures
that make up these residential environments.

The environments depicted in my photographs are close to the actual but are not
completely accurate or exact copies of reality. The discrepancies between reality and
construct vary from subtle shifts in architecture to obvious voids that serve no apparent
function. I construct the situations I photograph as a way to challenge my understanding
of the buildings and neighborhoods I am referencing and I am interested in calling
attention to the function of the constructed model in relation to what the depicted subject
matter is proposing.

The type of structures I reference; apartments and houses, are structures that we have all
experienced in various and intimate ways. This level of familiarity is crucial, allowing
the environments created to resonate with the viewer and allow them to create parallels
between my visual interpretations and that which they have directly experienced in their
own reality.” Ross Sawyers