Rust & Bone // De Rouille et D’os

After watching how French director Jacques Audiard handled the complex narrative behind A Prophet // Un Prophète (earlier post here), I was itching to witness his next project. And lo and behold, my scratches have been answered! Rust & Bone // De Rouille et D’os, appreciate it. Read more about the story as follows (via Celluloid Dreams):

“Ali suddenly finds himself in charge of Sam, his 5 years old son that he barely knows. Penniless and without friends, he leaves the north of France to seek shelter at his sister’s in Antibes. Even though she and her husband do not have much money, they make a room for them in their garage and take care of Sam.

Ali finds work as a bouncer at a local nightclub. After diffusing a fight one evening, he meets Stephanie a beautiful, self-confident woman. He takes her home and leaves her his number. But she is a princess and he is a poor fellow.

Stephanie is a killer whale trainer at the local Marineland. After a terrible accident one day, Ali gets an unexpected phone call from Stephanie. When he sees her again she is crammed into a wheelchair. She has lost both her legs and her dreams.

Ali will share genuine moments with her, without pity, and help her to live again…”

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Rust & Bone // De Rouille et D’os, 2012