Skin Analyzer K19

Skin Analyzer K19

AT FASHION High Quality and Brand New Skin Mosture Tester

Color: White, Pink

Size: 150*30*28MM

Function: Test and analyze Body facial skin moisture & oil level.

Battery: 2*AAA battery (Not include)

Operation Guide:

1.In order to obtain accurate results, please make sure the checking skin area is not too sweaty,

dirty, wet or hairy, and test it under the environment at room temperature.

2.Release the lid.

3.Press the”” button to swith on the power, the LCD displays shows a constant “00.0%” flashes.

4.After three seconds, two beeps are heard , while “00.0%” stops flashing.

5.Press the Monitor on to the skin and keep it perpendicular to the checking area,

( Make sure the Probe is pressed into the Monitor.) Hold the Monitor firmly for

a few seconds until a single long beep, then read the value.

6.To perform another check, press the “O” button, and then repeat steps 4-5 above.

7.Gently wipe the surface of the Probe with a soft cloth or tissue after each step,

then cover the lid. Alcohol and acetone can both be chosen as cleaner. you.y serums feature a cocktail of sorts, to deliver both instant hydration and long-term benefits. (Science!) It also plays well with other skin-loving ingredients (like antioxidants), so you can score multiple benefits with one bottle.subcutaneous fat as well as extruded capillary vessel,increase lymphatic drainage,promote metabolism and reduce or shrink the size of the actual fat chamber,thereby greatly improving body shaping effect.

Professional consultation tool, exclusive to ARTISTRY
Analyses 8 different skin conditions
Compact, lightweight design allows for easy transport
Built-in product recommendations (or deactivate to provide your own)
Compatible with Android, iOS, Tablet, PC and Windows platforms. Minimum OS requirements apply, visit for more information.
Available on instalment (order form under ARTISTRY Downloads > Signature Solutions
The ARTISTRY® Skin Analyzer is lightweight, compact, portable and simple to use. It uses Wi-Fi video streaming to provide real-time moving images across Android, iOS, Tablet, PC and Windows platforms. Diverse optical technology allows you to analyse and recognise 8 different skin conditions quickly and easily including hydration, sebum, pore size, pigmentation, wrinkles, elasticity, sensitivity, and acne.

An image is taken of your skin and compared to a database of 30,000 people. Refer to separate ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer manual and video for more information.

We’re excited to introduce you to the QSun Skin Analyzer, a new feature that analyzes your skin health and finds your skin age and skin health score. Your skin health score provides a confidence score for you to measure and assess facial skin status by analyzing common skin problems, like acne, dark circles, and spots. We’ve combined a powerful deep learning algorithm with advanced face recognition technology to bring you this smart feature.

To access the Skin Analyzer, simply enter the QSun app homepage and click on the Camera icon located at the bottom of the page. Snap a photo of your face and the Skin Analyzer will instantly analyze it. Don’t forget to share your photo with your friends and family by clicking the Share icon at the top right of the saved photo.

Download the latest version of the QSun app and let us know what you think about the new feature. Have fun analyzing!

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