Snail Trail

When two or more seemingly clashing categories blend into one, it’s a beautiful thing. Philipp Artus‘ phosphorescent laser sculpture Snail Trail is one of those. Artus is a Bremen-Germany raised experimental animator obsessed with expressing the creations of life through audiovisual experiences. Awesome music made in collaboration with Madalena Graça. A tad more background info can be read as follows:

“A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to finally get back to its origin.

A laser animation is projected at an angle of 360° onto a column, so that the audience has to walk around to follow the course of the snail. The projection surface is of a phosphorescent material, which creates an after-glowing trail that fades out slowly.”

The video embedded down below showcases Artus’ piece. The stream obviously doesn’t do the sculpture justice.

Snail Trail, 2011