Sound of My Voice

Zal Batmanglij’s 2011 feature length flick Sound of My Voice. Synopsis as follows (via Sundance):

“Following much preparation, Peter and Lorna are given an address. In the dead of night, they pull off the lonely road and await further instructions. Soon they part with their clothes and belongings. After they shower and clean themselves thoroughly, they are blindfolded and whisked to an undisclosed location, where they descend into a basement. Once downstairs, they perform the complicated handshake and are able to gain entry into the group. With that, the young couple, who have been posing as believers, successfully infiltrate the cult’s inner sanctum and meet enigmatic leader Maggie, portrayed by the promising Brit Marling (also cowriter and producer). Maggie claims to come from the future, and she has grand plans.”

A clip from the film below!