Stephan Balleux

Once in a while, I’ll come across an artist so talented that it kicks me in the balls…and I beg for another wallop.

Stephan Balleux is an amazingly talented artist living and working in both Brussels, Belgium and Berlin, Germany. Balleux’s range of work consists of paintings on canvas, works on paper, sculptures, and even stunning 3D animation pieces.

Balleux’s rendering capabilities are quite remarkable. Most of the time whenever rendering abilities are discussed about a particular artist, it usually revolves around how photorealistic their works may be. In the case of Balleux’s work, he takes his technical painting abilities in a different direction to where his paintings almost only capture the gestural movement to bring the image and theme to life in his works.

…But don’t think that Balleux can’t pull off some photorealisitic pieces!

All the works shown below are oil paintings, and are fairly large-scale works! Be sure to visit Balleux’s site to view the 3D animation pieces, as well as his other art series, all of which are just amazing.