Swiss Army Man: Review

Swiss Army Man, the debut feature film of the talented duo the Daniels (Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan) won the Sundance directing award and after viewing it, it is obvious why. The film is incredibly original, funny, charming, and heartfelt in so many ways. If you enjoy(ed) the trailer then you will be delighted and pleased to find out the film is what you might expect and more.. you will laugh, you might cry, and throughout the entire film you will be on the edge of your seat wondering what wonderfully gross and hilarious twists and turns are in store for you next.


The first film I’ve ever seen to prominently feature farting both as a tool for survival and as a metaphor for society, Swiss Army is the perfect date film. What I mean by that is if you take a girl to this film and she doesn’t like it -she’s the wrong girl for you. Dump her immediately.

In all seriousness, the film’s off-the-wall premise is anchored by Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, who you can tell had a blast making the film, even if you didn’t see their press tour antics. There are films where you can just see the magic that went on behind the scenes, and this is one of them.


Originally famous for their music videos (particularly the booty shaking room breaking Turn Down For What, which was my favorite music video of the year), the Daniels take their visual talents and modern but quirky taste to the big screen. It is their heartfelt storytelling and humanistic portrayal of a talking corpse that will win you over.

Not all music video directors make a successful leap to feature films, and the Daniels do it so well you’ll wonder why they hadn’t already and will be begging to know what comes next in their career. They describe themselves as a super team and I will agree. I don’t know what their method of working together is but their chemistry is obvious on screen.

If I’m overly gushing about the film, well go watch it. Whether you like it or not, you will have to admit it’s totally original, and if you don’t see that, you might want to check your pulse because it might be you that’s a corpse.


The film deserves all the praise it’s been getting and what I love about the film is that it is a cinematic exemplification of what the best of this generation has to offer. It is whimsical and surprising and weird as fuck but honest and painful in ways that all romantics can appreciate.

Yes, Swiss Army Man is a film for romantics. It is a film about love, loneliness, humanity, social constructs, and friendship. And yes, it is told through the lens of a farting corpse with many other skills necessary to surviving the wild.

Catch it while it’s in theaters! The music is amazing, the acting is phenomenal, and the directing is sublime. By the way, can I add one more note that A24 Films is just killing it? From the Lobster to The Witch to Green Room to the upcoming American Honey, I have to say they are definitely a group to watch, their taste is bold and eclectic and they seem to really understand the filmmakers they promote. wowza. Keep it coming A24. Or farting. Whatever.

Trailer below: