That Hipster P*RN

I happen to stumble onto this site by happenstance while doing my daily research for new artists.

That Hipster Porn is a blog site that posts artwork, mainly photography, from various anonymous artists. Some of the work up on the site is pretty cool I must say, but be warned, I know that some folks out there may be a bit offended by some images.

There is a lot of nude and erotic photographic works that I know some people may just call it pornography rather than art. Well, whether it’s porn over art, art over porn, or porn being another form of art, the site is full of…interesting images.

(Friendly Recommendation fom EKM: If you work at an office space, or you’re around a lot of people…you may want to wait until you’re in private, or in a space where viewing nude art is accecptable.)