The 2011 Top 100 are coming!!!

(photo credit: Marc West)

Hello beautiful people!

Last year our impromptu Top 100 mega-post spread like wildfire on the internet, causing both acclamation and controversy (although none of the artists we selected seemed to argue with us)  …so you better believe we’re gearing up for another mega-post featuring our top one hundred favorite artists shared on our website in 2011!

This time we want your help.

Artists featured in 2011 with new works are still eligible, no matter how many times we’ve posted them in previous year(s).

If you feel that we have missed any artists and want to get them published on our site before the year is over, let us know!  All Artists posted on our site are automatically entered.
(Last year we went through all 1,400+ of our posts so you know we love you all.)

Or if you just want to vote for an artist we’ve already put up, please feel free to fill out the form below.  Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

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