The Doomsday Book // 인류멸망보고서

South Korean directors Kim Ji-Woon and Yim Pil-Sung relish the end of the world three times over in their collaborative effort entitled The Doomsday Book // 인류멸망보고서. Prepare yourself for robots, zombies, and space debris! Details can be read as follows (via Twitchfilm):

“Two acclaimed Korean directors unfurl three unique stories of human self-destruction in the modern high-tech era. In a hope to restore the humane compassion in the insusceptible modern age, the film displays an alternative form of genuine humanity. And thus you are stepping into the world of future, where a series of unexpected stories awaits you. All these stories originate from the earth. From the very earth you live on.”

Check out the two teaser trailers down at the bottom of this very same page! Enjoy!

First teaser with english subtitles.

Longer teaser, but no english subtitles… But still good!

The Doomsday Book // 인류멸망보고서, 2012