The Flow

Bose Collins is a London-based studio sufficiently experienced in a variety of artistic advertising applications. Their hard work and impressive CV is a reflection of experimental values, and their efforts to uphold the importance of research. Their latest laboratory workbench is entitled The Flow, and dives into the realm of motion studies. All music done by Takkra (also known as David Vigh, who just so happens to also be the director and producer). A bit of background history about the creative team behind Bose Collins can be read as follows:

“We are a creatively diverse, professional one stop shop, from concept to delivery, working on animation, art direction, sound design, websites, brand identities, film, fashion, sculpture, photography, exhibitions, illustration, interiors and environmental design.

We operate a truly global, networked business. Its success and diversity is demonstrated in our portfolio.

We hand pick the best talent for each job. Our core team members are geographically dispersed and contribute their own cultural diversity to the creative process, span many disciplines and are tried and trusted.

Our clients are intrigued by the way we work because it delivers time and again.Our combination of creative principles, design strength, production reliability and a proven, flexible, networked structure gives us a distinct edge that appeals globally.

The Team:

Nin Bose and Nathan Collins, with David Vigh our senior designer, and a broad network of creative talent.


We met in 1991 on the first day of our degree course at Middlesex University. We started working together the day we graduated and have spent exactly half our lives continuing to do so. Our creative partnership is now in its 20th year.”

Check out the first three segments of The Flow (hopefully more non-CG VFX to come), as well as their 2011 reel.

The Flow, Series Part 1.

The Flow, Series Part 2.

The Flow, Series Part 3.

Bose Collins Showreel 2011.

The Flow I, 2012
The Flow II, 2012
The Flow III, 2012
Bose Collins