The Forgotten Master

Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl (1860-1933) is a Hungarian artist whose mastery in the arts has been unjustly obscured in history, (much like the Korean war) I mean Jesus Christ, he doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page! Thank God for Empty Kingdom and our mausoleum, as part of our mission is to allow our artists to live forever within these hallowed halls.

Born in Hungary and raised in Vienna, Hiremy-Hirschl was trained as a history painter at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under the orientalist Leopold Karl Müller. Apparently Hiremy-Hirschl was friends with the much more famous Gustav Klimt, before Klimt departed to form the Vienna Secession.

Hiremy-Hirschl had a promising start to his career, with Salon honors, a scholarship to Rome, but a scandalous love affair with a married woman ostracized him from the Viennese social circle, and he left to live in Rome.

Ahasuerus at the End of the World, (1888) depicts the legendary Wandering Jew as the last man in the polar desert, caught between the angel of Hope and the spectre of Death. Before him lies a fallen female figure, the personification of Dead Humanity, surrounded by grisly crows.

Souls on the Banks of the Acheron (1898, “Die Seelen des Acheron” Austrian Gallery, Vienna) -The mythological figure of Hermes Psychopompos stands at the edge of the river of the dead, facing a throng of recently deceased souls who implore him to save them from the last trip to Hades.

Hiremy-Hirschl’s epic pieces have the dark undertones and values that are much appreciated here at Empty Kingdom, so I thought it would be nice to commemorate him here. Booyah! Score one for the home team. No I have no idea what that means. But I’ll tell you one thing. Great artists will live forever. We will make sure of that.

Also, most of this post has been straight-up ripped off from the legendary James Gurney’s blog.

I love James Gurney by the way!!!! When he dies we’ll enshrine him here as well. Dinotopia was the shiet when I was a child!


I mean seriously Hollywood, 1,001 Vietnam War movies and not even one goddamn Korean War flick since 1977?? I’ll keel you!!