The Grandmasters: Teaser

While my dark apron is the man who runs the cinema dept. I couldn’t help but put up this trailer for Wong Kar Wai’s film new film that is in post-production…The Grandmasters. The film looks like a sweet take on the legendary Ip Man. Surely WKW’s version will be much more philosophical/artistic than the Donnie Yen incarnation…but I’m going to say the trailer does look a lot more slick and “mainstream” than any of his previous films…either way it’s going to be awesome.

It’s supposed to premiere at Venice Film Festival, but knowing WKW’s track record, I’m not even going to speculate when it’s coming out…but let’s just say when it does…I might just fly my ass to whatever country it is showing in. And then try to fellate Wong Kar Wai after watching the film. Is that okay?