The Origin of Creatures

Thank you The Origin of Creatures, for sending creepy vibes through my brain and down my spine, in all the right ways. Director Floris Kaayk (who has previously been featured for his work Juxtaposis) presents to us a destroyed future, where appendages with no body, mind, or soul roam the lands for eternity for one single purpose. Great adaptation to an old classical tale of an epic biblical fails.

Official film synopsis can be read as follows:

“A futuristic vision of a world after a catastrophic disaster. In this dark parable mutated limbs are looking for cooperation, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail.

The storyline of THE ORIGIN OF CREATURES is based on one of the most well-known tales about collaboration, the Tower of Babel. This tale is transformed and twisted and is set in an imaginary future, after the world is hit by a catastrophe. Among the remains of a devastated city lives that what is left of humanity. Human bodies are divided into separated parts of the body and are fused to special beings. Together, these creatures form a colony, they can only survive when collaborating. In the rubble of destroyed buildings they are trying to build a nest as large and as high as possible, so that the colony’s queen gets enough sunlight to reproduce, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail.”

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The Origin of Creatures, 2012

Floris Kaayk