The Origin of Fire

Daniel Moreno Cordero‘s extremely short animation humorously tackles the profound topic of The Origin of Fire. A smartly executed 10 second effort that demonstrates a story’s unbounded imagination even while under strict lock-and-key. Cordero is a design / motion graphics / VFX artist who utilized only Adobe After Effects and Photoshop (for this particular work) to make his static pixelated characters come to life.

This piece was made specifically for the Animation Sequence Project, which outlines its initiative as follows:

“The Animation Sequence Project is an unique co-creation project featuring the world’s greatest animation artists.

Creative minds from all over the world are invited to create a short piece of animation. The only requirement for the content of the animation is that it starts and ends with a 250 pixel square in the exact middle of the screen.

The square then can become anything you want. A box, a character, a building, a circle, and it can tell its own little story. Absolutely anything, as long as it is a square again within 10 seconds.

All entries will be published on

Eventualy, from the best and most inventive entries, a compilation will be created from about one to three minutes. This final result of the Animation Sequence Project will be shown at animation festivals around the world…”

Go and check out the short down below. Not too many screen caps this time around, for obvious reasons (haha).

The Origin of Fire, 2012

Daniel Moreno Cordero

Animation Sequence Project