The Taste of Money // 돈의 맛

Korean director Im Sang-Soo (The President’s Last Bang, A Good Lawyer’s Wife) expands on his previous themes of the rich and the wicked from The Housemaid, in his latest efforts entitled The Taste of Money // 돈의 맛. In likeness to Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis (posted earlier here), wealth becomes the key catalyst to unlocking the extremities of human pleasure. In Sang-Soo’s case, a playground for all lustful and carnal pleasures. More story details can be read as follows (via Mubi):

“Joo Young-jak is the private male secretary of Baek Geum-ok, middle-aged heiress and wife of a rich chaebol. Baek covets Joo’s young body, and he has already sold his pride for money a long time ago. What tangles up their relationship is the appearance of Baek’s daughter Na-mi. Na-mi shows an interest in Young-jak, and he is also attracted to this girl who is so different from her money-is-everything parents.”

Very dramatic trailer can be streamed down at the bottom of the page!

The Taste of Money, 2012