The Van Waveren Tapes

Bits of self-recorded ramblings of a stranger trapped forever on tape becomes the obsessive jigsaw for filmmaker Wim van der Aar. Normally in the mindset of commercial ads, van der Aar pulls out the big philosophical guns in his debut feature The Van Waveren Tapes, in an attempt to understand the life of a human being through the fragmented remains of his audio tapes.

Check out the official synopsis as follows (via Hazazah Pictures):

“Filmmaker Wim van der Aar discovers a box filled with audiotapes at the Waterlooplein market. It turns out to be a collection of private recordings of the youngest son of an influential Dutch family. This discovery forms the beginning of an exploration of a life story full of relationships, failures, hopes and sadness. The truth behind a bizarre upbringing, and its dramatic consequences, is gradually unravelled.”

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The Van Waveren Tapes, 2012

Wim van der Aar