The Weight // 무게

[Now with updated trailer, much apologies] A highly skilled mortician twists the fabric of his own insufferable reality to facilitate his ongoing lifestyle. Constant forces of both physical pain and emotional anguish pile on top of The Weight // 무게 of his everyday struggles.

Director Jeon Kyu-Hwan (previously featured on EK for his work FROM SEOUL TO VARANASI) points his camera at those in turmoil, both personal and shared, and renders their human forms as reflections to the spaces they live in and other innocent bystanders they’ve encountered. The Weight follows the same suit to an extent, but applies a beautiful layer of fantastical imagery to accompany the film’s characters’ plight. Jeon managed to take the 2012 Queer Lion award at the Venice Days selection.

Check out the full spread of official details as follows (via Venice Days 2012):

“Jung finds his path by working in a mortuary, where he recomposes corpses. While Jung excels at his daily tasks of cleaning and dressing dead bodies, he is engulfed in a battle against tuberculosis and arthritis. Daily doses of medicine combine with his passion and the nobility with which he associates his job. His life becomes a mixture of reality and fiction, as corpses become his friends and subjects of his imagination. “Through a hunchback named Jung, burdened since birth by pain, and the lives of various characters around him, each with their own traumas, I sought to tell a story about THE WEIGHT of life that human beings carry around with them, like a grotesque fantasy.” (Jeon Kyu-hwan)

Jeon Kyu-hwan (Seoul, South Korea, 1965) started his career in 2008 with Mozart Town, which brought him to many festivals including Tokyo. The film was the first installment in a trilogy focused on cities, urban spaces and metropolitan humanity. His second installment, Animal Town (2009) was presented at San Sebastian and Turin. Kyu-hwan ended his trilogy in 2010 with Dance Town, which he brought to festivals in Hong-Kong and at Berlinale under the Panorama Selection. Before making THE WEIGHT, his 2011 film From Seoul To Varanasi was his fourth long form to be shown at the Busan International Film Festival, once more selected at Berlinale.”

Watch the intriguing trailer (with full english subs) embedded down below for your viewing pleasure.

The Weight // 무게, 2012

Jeon Kyu-Hwan