Thursday Till Sunday // De Jueves a Domingo

A family road trip to the northern regions of Chile abstractly portrays a marriage on the brink of divorce. Small quarrels, negative gestures, nods, gazes, and a scarce amount of conversations are just some of the details we observe through the eyes of the couple’s daughter. Dominga Sotomayor Castillo‘s Thursday Till Sunday // De Jueves a Domingo tackles a very personal subject with intellectual poise, taking a hard to explain topic and rendering its effects into the framework of film. Check out the film details (via IFFR 2012), screenshots, and video embed after the jump.

“It all begins on a Thursday when LucĂ­a (9) and Manuel (5) go on vacation with their parents to the north of Chile. It all ends on a Sunday. It’s the children’s distant and fragmented outlook on this possible last family trip.”

This is another to go up on my watch-list. Trailer embedded at the bottom of this page!

Thursday Till Sunday // De Jueves a Domingo, 2012