Tiniest Seed

Folk singer Angel Olsen and director Randy Sterling Hunter use 16mm stock to create a multi-layered music video entitled Tiniest Seed. A handcrafted vision playing with lights and shadows.

A little bit of official background info as follows:

“A transatlantic epistolary exchange between four friends.

A song transformed into a film score and mailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

The score interpreted using a single roll of tri-x 16mm film. The film exposed, rewound and re-exposed many times, developed and sent back across the Atlantic. A response was filmed and the two spliced together.

Time passing. The feeling of time. Collapsing space. Collapsing time. Collapsing time and space.”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the full black and white MV.

Tiniest Seed, 2012

Angel Olsen
Randy Sterling Hunter