Touch “Your” World

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Since the new trend of touch screen devices I wanted to shed some light for some people that are still doubters of what is to come(including me). That’s right people I have chosen a side and I finally made up my mind on the “am I in -or- am I out” debate. With full force I am in for the long hall and will embrace the touch screen revolution. There are a couple of people that have definitely inspired me to make my conclusion but for sure one of them is modern day genius. Pranav Mistry has been at it for years an has done an exceptional job of leading us as a human race to a better way of interacting with computer technology. He likes to call himself a “Designeer” and he has done that for sure. He has been working on a project that he calls the “sixth sense”. Check out the video below to learn all about it.

Microsoft came out with this video about a year ago. It has some impressive matchmoving and clean graphics with a modern feel on the future. I feel this video has more relevance now with the work that Pranav is doing. This day, might not be too far away.