Joe Swanberg’s latest feature follows Kent Osborne’s oddball eccentricities as he hooks up with two women he meets over the web. A short summary as follows (via Sundance):

“Forty-year-old Kent Osborne works out of his sunny Los Angeles home as a cartoonist for a children’s show. During his day, he takes bong hits and hangs out with his fluffy cat. Kent hopes to hook up with Kate, a cute New York journalist he met online on Chatroulette, when she comes to stay for the weekend. Although their time together is sexually loaded—they take raunchy pictures and pick up a bicurious girl on Craigslist—things don’t go quite as Kent imagined.

Written by Swanberg and Osborne, the film captures Kent’s existence with comedic charm and understated pathos. No matter how confusing his personal relationships get, he’ll always be Uncle Kent.”

Trailer embedded below:

Uncle Kent

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