Under My Nails

A woman’s uncontrollable attraction to a man with a possible violent and murderous history works as the unraveling tightrope for which Under My Nails dangerously tiptoes across. This dark romance tale was penned and directed by Arí Maniel Cruz, a filmmaker and producer from Puerto Rico who is a screenwriter at heart.

Official story details can be skimmed as follows:

“In the search to fulfill her most obscure desires, Solimar will find love in the hands of a murderer.

In New York, Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a “nail salon” becomes obsessed with the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, a Dominican man Roberto and his Haitian-Dominican wife Perpetue. Solimar, as a voyeur of their intimate life, one day witnesses a particularly brutal encounter. Perpetue disappears after that. Apparently she went back to the Dominican Republic to see her children. In her absence Solimar and Roberto develop an intense and violent sexual relationship. For the first time in a very long time, Solimar feels a connection with her innermost desires and true identity. The fact that it’s wrong makes it right for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young. Supposedly, her mother abandoned them causing her father to commit suicide. She hasn’t been back to Puerto Rico in a long time and canceled any connection with her past. The sudden appearance of an unidentified woman’s dead body in the Bronx River awakes her suspicion. Solimar has fallen in love with Roberto and what could be a threat for her it’s transformed into an erotic drive that she can’t stop. She has to decide whether to confront Roberto or live with the most terrible doubt.”

Check out the trailer embedded down below.

Under My Nails, 2011