Analog + digital, light + dark, simple + abstract, and audio + visual are just some of the thoughts that have been swirling in my head after watching the experimental short VANISH. A tag-team effort by Italy-based Daniel Schwarz and Davide Cairo (Edisonnoside). There is a method to their madness… Read as follows:

“The experimental short film ‘VANISH’ is a mesmerizing journey through surreal landscapes in complete interconnection with the music.
It is an audiovisual collaboration between musician Davide Cairo (Edisonnoside) and media artist Daniel Schwarz.

Both music and video have been created parallel and influenced each other. The main direction was defined by choosing mundane objects around the artists’ environment in order to build models and record visuals as well as sounds from them.

Combining ice, porcelain, wood, metal and balsamic vinegar led to this unique mixture of artificial and natural landscapes that act as the projection surface for the visuals but also as sound material.

Davide created a unique and tangible direction in which music is an offshoot of materials and structures in perfect harmony with the visual aspect of the project. Simultaneously he is maintaining a melodic and easy listening dimension.

Daniel based the visual language on those items and transformed them into constructions in a surreal, dream-like world. Through real-time sound analysis and a vast variety of algorithms each sound finds its embodiment in different geometrical representations, depending on volume, pitch, note and characteristic.

Kinetic sculptures react live to the music and augment the scenery even further.

Additionally the audio reactive graphics did not appear onscreen, but were projected and mapped on physical objects and sculptures.”

Watch the duo’s entire short down at the bottom of this page!

VANISH, 2012