War Witch // Rebelle

Montreal-based director Kim Nguyen depicts the haunting life of a female child-soldier in War Witch // Rebelle. Surreal and actual documented footage intersperse the 12-year old girl’s hopeful journey through a land of violence and despair. The beautiful screenshot images alone put me in a state of awe. More about this riveting story as follows (via Berlinale 2012):

“A civil war in Africa. After her village is burned down by rebels and her parents are killed, Komona is forced into the jungle as a child soldier. Her brutal commander not only trains her in the use of arms but also orders her to sleep with him. Searching for shelter amidst the horror, she turns to a slightly older boy with white hair who she calls ‘Magician’ and falls in love with. After they escape from the camp together, Komona does her utmost to return to her village. She wants to bury her parents to prevent them having to eternally wander the wasted land as ghosts…

Told throughout from the perspective of an adolescent girl, the film – shot in authentic locations in Congo and cast mainly with non-professional actors – visualises the horrors of civil war and the suffering of children and civilians. Realistic images are interspersed with dream sequences which are rooted in African legends and which resonate with infinite grief about hardship and misery. Despite all the horrors she encounters, Komona proves to be a beacon of hope for a continent yearning for peace and humanity.”

Intense trailer down below, watch it now!

War Witch // Rebelle, 2012
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