Year Without A Summer

Malaysian filmmaker Tan Chui Mui explores the livelihoods of a small reunion of friends in her latest feature length film, Year Without A Summer. Official synopsis as follows:

“Azam comes back to his vilage to look for his childhood best friend, Ali.

Ali and his wife Minah invites Azam for fishing and a mid night picnic on a small island. The whole night, the three of them talk about love, marriage, village folklore, mystic creatures, and the wildboar hunting once upon a time.

As the night is ending, Minah demonstrates that she could hold her breath underwater for 3 minutes. Azam tries to do the same, but he never appears again…

In fact, Azam always want another life. When he was 14, he wanted to leave the village badly. He was only waiting for himself to grow up, and to have a bit more money.

This is a story about a man, who keeps running away from his life.”

Trailer located at the bottom for your viewing pleasure!

Year Without A Summer