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Hisatomi Tadahiko Revisit


July 21, 2016

Hisatomi Tadahiko1
We had the honor of featuring Hisatomi Tadahiko as one of the Empty Kingdom's Top 100 Artists of 2011. The photographer based out of Tokyo strictly shoots with 35mm film.
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EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 Artists of 2011


January 31, 2012

EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 of 2011 - art blog
(Photo by: Dara Scully, EK Flickr Pool Submission) Welcome, ladies n’ gentlemen, lads n’ lasses… gems n’ germs. The EMPTY KINGDOM Top 100 Artist of 2011 is here!
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Hisatomi Tadahiko


October 19, 2011

Hisatomi Tadahiko is a Japanese photographer that has an ambient journalistic approach. Her series of work labeled as 'A Japanese Image' strictly deals with 35mm film while occasionally self-photographing herself into her own images. Hundreds of more images on her flickr.
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