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EK Interview: Peter Martensen


November 20, 2015

The Game 140x180
Peter Martensen's paintings are dark, haunting, and ethereal. They describe a world halfway between dream and nightmare, they are evocative and poignant. Check out his interview to hear the man himself:
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EK Interview: Michael Ward


October 27, 2015

Michael Ward's America is a pastel wonderland. Quiet, reflective, and honest, his paintings reflect an America often looked at but rarely seen. His interview is a meditation on the evolution of art and the idea of Americana. I suggest you take a read.
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EK Interview: Adam Niklewicz


October 6, 2015

Adam Niklewicz is an amazing sculptor, and dedicated enough an artist to eat a piece of toast buttered with orange paint. His work discusses his experience as an emigrant in America, having come with no knowledge of the language, and made his way as an artist. Check out his interview:
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