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Saturno Buttò is back…


April 23, 2012

art blog - Saturno Buttò - empty kingdom
Yes...Saturno Buttò is back...with more of his "cult paintings." When I first got wind of Buttò's work back in March 2011 (and not surprisingly making it to the EK TOP 100 of 2011), I nearly shit my pants...and then ate a handful of my own stool. Yes...a little gross, I know, but that's the kind of affect that Buttò's work has on an ill-fated indentured servant of EK who is eternally chained to his desk, and not to mention a helpless lover of the arts.
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EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 Artists of 2011


January 31, 2012

EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 of 2011 - art blog
(Photo by: Dara Scully, EK Flickr Pool Submission) Welcome, ladies n’ gentlemen, lads n’ lasses… gems n’ germs. The EMPTY KINGDOM Top 100 Artist of 2011 is here!
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Saturno Buttò at LIAISON Amsterdam


March 13, 2011

the communion II 09 cm 110x85
If by some miracle chance that EMPTY KINGDOM unchained me from my desk and allowed me to travel over seas, I would undoubtedly go straight to Amsterdam to check out Saturno Buttò's work in person at the upcoming LIAISON Amsterdam Show in April. It wasn't planned for his EK spotlight to be shown on a just happened to be coincidence that it did, and it seems only right. In many of Buttò's paintings, fetish objects and practices are often placed in a religious context that goes beyond just merely wanting to achieve a shock effect.
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