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EK Interview: Shae Detar


March 25, 2016

Shae Detar
Shae Detar's photography portrays the world she wishes to see. Borrowing from the surreality of nature, Shae paints photographs in brilliant pastels, making work that is visually stunning. Her models are predominantly naked, taking the photographs out of time, and giving them an other worldly sensation that, to quote Goldilocks, is just right. Check out her interview for more about how rad she is:
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Shae DeTar Part II


June 13, 2014

art blog - Shae DeTar - Empty Kingdom
Fashion photographer Shae DeTar is an EK-favorite of ours. Her photos are original, hand colored, and beautifully composed scenes out of a daydream. Using an age old practice of hand painting negatives that dates back to the early 1900, she resurrects this traditional technique in her photography.
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