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Spunky Zoe Gets Spunkier


October 6, 2012

art blog - Spunky Zoe - empty kingdom
Spunky Zoe was featured back in October 2011, landing him a spot on our EK TOP 100 of 2011. Spunky Zoe is back to showcase more of his ball-point pens and acrylic pieces...and yes, they're just as weird and trippy compared to the first time around.
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EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 Artists of 2011


January 31, 2012

EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 of 2011 - art blog
(Photo by: Dara Scully, EK Flickr Pool Submission) Welcome, ladies n’ gentlemen, lads n’ lasses… gems n’ germs. The EMPTY KINGDOM Top 100 Artist of 2011 is here!
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Spunky Zoe


October 17, 2011

Spunky Zoe (Seungyea Park) is an artist based out of South Korea. Spunky Zoe creates large scale pieces using mere ball-point pens and acrylic on paper, and my I say that Spunky Zoe's work is pretty wickedly cool in a totally nut-kicking awesome way. Then again, that's just my opinion... but what do I know...I'm just an enslaved author chained to a desk and computer.
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