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EK Interview: Uchujin – Adrian Storey


November 17, 2015

Adrian Storey is an alien. He's been traveling the world for the past decade and a half and as raw and uncompromising as his photography is, his words are possibly more-so. Honest about his successes, failings, frustrations, and appreciations, this is an interview to learn from. This isn't romanticism; this is the truth, brutal, and beautiful:
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Uchujin- Adrian Storey


August 4, 2014

Art Blog - Uchujin - Empty Kingdom
Uchujin translates to "alien", and is the moniker for photographer Adrian Storey. A British photographer and filmmaker living in Tokyo states that he "would rather be an alien than an outsider". This statement speaks to his work, as each of his series explores those that live outside the confines of social expectations and norms. He travels widely and has worked as the director of photography for a 2011 documentary titled Twende Berlin, that is about activism in public spaces. His photography is honest, compelling, at times, dark and very much rooted in documentary. Check out his website for more film and photography!
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